Working on Water with Mohammed Mahmoud

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Join host Tim Fergestad as he sits down with Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud, a seasoned expert in water resources management and climate adaptation policy. In this insightful episode, they discuss the complexities of water management in Phoenix, the critical role of the Colorado River, and the challenges posed by climate change. Dr. Mahmoud shares his journey from Michigan to Arizona, his experience with the Central Arizona Project, and his work with the Middle East Institute. Discover how water management intersects with climate adaptation, and gain valuable insights into the future of water sustainability both locally and globally.

Guest Bio: Dr. Mohammed Mahmoud is an internationally experienced water resources management and climate adaptation policy expert. With a PhD in hydrology and water resources from the University of Arizona, he has spent over a decade working on water policy and management issues, particularly focusing on the Colorado River. He currently collaborates with various organizations to advance global water and climate initiatives.

Key Topics:

  • The evolution of water management in Arizona
  • The role and impact of the Central Arizona Project
  • Climate adaptation strategies in water management
  • Innovations in water technology
  • Global perspectives on water issues

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