Surgery, Strategy & S.W.A.T. with Kraig Burgess

Featured, Phoenix Prosperity Podcast

Join us on the Phoenix Prosperity Podcast with Tim Fergestad as we dive into an inspiring conversation with Dr. Kraig Burgess, a distinguished orthopedic hand and wrist surgeon based in Phoenix. Dr. Burgess shares his journey from starting his own practice to joining Ortho Arizona, highlighting the challenges and successes he encountered along the way. He discusses strategic decisions in medical real estate investments, the impact of declining reimbursements in healthcare, and his experience as a volunteer medical officer with the Arizona State Police SWAT team.

Guest Information: Dr. Kraig Burgess is an orthopedic hand and wrist surgeon at Ortho Arizona. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, Dr. Burgess has a wealth of knowledge in both medical practice and healthcare business strategy. He is also a volunteer medical officer with the Arizona State Police SWAT team. Learn more about Dr. Burgess and Ortho Arizona at


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