Medicine and Safe Skin with Dr. Robert West

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In this enlightening episode of SF Commercial Property Conversations, host Tim Fergestad sits down with Dr. Robert West, an internist and skin cancer specialist at Village Medical. Dr. West, the only physician in the state with a Master of Medicine in Skin Cancer Management, shares his journey from traditional internal medicine to becoming a leader in skin cancer treatment.

Dr. West discusses his unique training in Australia, his motivation driven by personal loss, and the advanced techniques he uses to diagnose and treat skin cancer. He emphasizes the importance of early detection, particularly in melanoma, and shares detailed insights into screening methods and technologies. Listeners will also learn about the evolving role of AI in medical diagnostics and how it’s enhancing patient care.

Key Points:

  • Dr. West’s transition from internal medicine to skin cancer specialization.
  • The impact of early melanoma diagnosis on survival rates.
  • Advanced screening techniques and the use of dermatoscopes.
  • The role of AI in medical diagnostics and its potential future applications.
  • Practical advice on how often individuals should be screened for skin cancer.

Guest Bio:

Dr. Robert West is a board-certified internist and skin cancer specialist at Village Medical. He holds a unique Master of Medicine in Skin Cancer Management from the University of Queensland, Australia. Dr. West is passionate about early diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer, aiming to improve patient outcomes through advanced screening techniques and education.

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