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Moving from PhD, to Stay at Home Dad, to investing as an LP

Hosted By: Tari Thomas

December 21, 2022

Join us for our last episode of the year as we sit down with Tim Fergestad, PhD, Principal at Oak Street Assets, on how he went from Ph.D to stay at home dad to investing as a Limited Partner (LP) in a syndication (a method of pooling capital from multiple investors for the common goal of acquiring real estate). Learn about how he picked up steam as an LP after discovering the Solo 401K & Self-Directed IRA vehicles. Also, what to look for as a Limited Partner when investing in new deals: Vetting the operator, Vetting the markets and Vetting the property. The importance of stress testing, understanding financial assumption, and being able to spot red flags. And his advice on the best questions to ask as a LP depending on the type of investor you are.

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