Human Trafficking Education with Heidi Chance

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Join Tim Fergestad as he sits down with Heidi Chance, a seasoned law enforcement officer with over 27 years of experience. Heidi, the founder of A Chance for Awareness, shares her compelling journey and insights into combating human trafficking in Phoenix. From her beginnings as a third-generation police officer to her impactful work in human trafficking education and prevention, Heidi’s story is one of dedication and resilience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Heidi’s extensive background in law enforcement and her transition into human trafficking education.
  • The realities and challenges of human trafficking in the Phoenix area.
  • How human traffickers exploit short-term rentals and the importance of community awareness.
  • Personal anecdotes and success stories from Heidi’s career.
  • The significance of early intervention and prevention, particularly through education and community outreach.

Guest Bio:

Heidi Chance is a retired police officer with 27 years of service, primarily with the Phoenix Police Department. She is the founder of A Chance for Awareness, an organization dedicated to human trafficking education and prevention. Heidi is also an instructor for the National Criminal Justice Training Center at Fox Valley Technical College and the author of the book “Talk to Them,” available on Amazon.


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