Helping Private Practices with Rock Rockett

Phoenix Prosperity Podcast

In this insightful episode of the Phoenix Prosperity Podcast, host Tim Fergestad welcomes Rock Rockett, a seasoned healthcare professional and the leader of Rocket Healthcare. Rock shares his expertise in providing comprehensive services to independent physician practices, offering a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities facing private practices today.

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Development for Practices: Rock provides an overview of how he assists independent physician practices, from small solo operations to large groups, in setting up and managing surgery centers.
  • State Regulations: Learn about the varying regulations across states and how they impact the development of healthcare facilities.
  • Financial Insights: Rock explains the importance of performing financial analyses (proformas) to determine the viability of new practices and surgery centers.
  • Private Equity Considerations: A discussion on how private equity is consolidating smaller practices and the pros and cons of such arrangements.
  • Medicare and Insurance: Insights into the complexities of billing, insurance, and how Medicare Advantage plans are changing the landscape for private practices.
  • Leadership and Management: Rock’s approach to partnering with physicians and their teams to ensure successful practice management.

Guest Bio:

Rock Rockett is the founder and leader of Rocket Healthcare, where he provides a full range of services to independent physician practices across the United States. With extensive experience in healthcare management and strategic development, Rock specializes in helping physicians navigate the complexities of starting and managing successful practices and surgery centers.

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