Growth through Video Games and Entrepreneurship with Scott Novis

Featured, Phoenix Prosperity Podcast

In this exciting episode of the Phoenix Prosperity Podcast, host Tim Fergestad sits down with Scott Novis, a dynamic entrepreneur and engineer with multiple degrees and patents. Scott is the founder of GameTruck and the current president of the Entrepreneurs Organization. Scott shares his journey from working in display technology to becoming a prominent figure in the video game industry and founding a successful mobile entertainment franchise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Entrepreneurial Insights: Scott discusses his decade-long involvement with the Entrepreneurs Organization and how it provides invaluable support and community for business owners.
  • Journey to Success: Learn how Scott’s early career in engineering and his passion for graphics led him to the video game industry and eventually to creating GameTruck.
  • Franchise Development: Scott explains the challenges and strategies involved in growing GameTruck into a successful franchise.
  • The Importance of Play: Discover Scott’s mission to combat loneliness and isolation through play, both for kids and adults.
  • Future Goals: Scott shares his ambitious plans for the future, including his recent book publication and initiatives to foster teamwork and connection in the workplace.

Guest Bio:

Scott Novis is an accomplished engineer and entrepreneur with multiple degrees and patents. He is the founder of GameTruck, a mobile entertainment franchise that brings video gaming experiences to parties and events. Scott is also the current president of the Entrepreneurs Organization, where he supports and mentors fellow business owners.


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