Gratitude, Growth and Giving Back with Amanda Miller

Phoenix Prosperity Podcast

In this episode of the Phoenix Prosperity Podcast, Tim Fergestad welcomes Amanda Miller, a seasoned business consultant and transformational leader. Amanda shares her incredible journey, from her early days in the restaurant industry to her impactful role on the City of Mesa Advisory Board for Housing and Community Development. Discover how Amanda’s community involvement and diverse professional background have shaped her commitment to giving back and fostering positive change.

Guest Bio: Amanda Miller is a business consultant with expertise in project management, leadership development, and fostering positive change. An active community advocate, Amanda serves on the City of Mesa Advisory Board for Housing and Community Development, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and working towards combating homelessness.

Key Points:

  • Amanda’s passion for community involvement and giving back.
  • Her journey through various industries, including hospitality, sales, and solar energy.
  • The importance of patience, grace, and a positive mindset in her success.
  • Amanda’s new initiative, the Curiosity Club, fostering open and diverse conversations on important topics.
  • Her approach to building a legacy through education, real estate, and investments.

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