Engineering, Reiki, and Real Estate with Jodi Carr

Phoenix Prosperity Podcast

In this engaging episode of the Phoenix Prosperity Podcast, host Tim Fergestad welcomes Jodi Carr, an accomplished engineer with 40 years of experience in mission and safety-critical engineering in the aerospace and telecom industries. Currently serving as the Director of Engineering at a dynamic engineering services company, Jodi shares her journey through software testing, development, systems integration, project, and program management.

Listeners will gain insights into Jodi’s leadership style, which blends servant leadership with modern corporate practices. She discusses how her approach has evolved over the years, particularly in adapting to generational differences and the unique challenges of the engineering field.

Jodi also dives into her passion for real estate and her foray into Reiki and energy work, highlighting how these interests have complemented her professional life. From discussing the low representation of women in engineering to sharing personal anecdotes about risk-taking and resilience, this episode is packed with valuable lessons for anyone looking to succeed in a technical field.

Guest Information:

  • Name: Jodi Carr
  • Title: Director of Engineering at a Dynamic Engineering Services Company

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