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In this episode, we dive into the transformative journey of Tony Benedict, a seasoned business consultant with a rich background in corporate America and real estate investment. Tony shares his insights on post-acquisition integration, the evolving corporate culture, and his pivot from single-family rentals to commercial real estate syndications.

Episode Summary: Join Tim Fergestad as he sits down with Tony Benedict, a veteran in business transformation and consulting. With a career spanning decades at companies like Intel and involvement in significant mergers such as the John C. Lincoln and Scottsdale Healthcare, Tony brings a wealth of experience to the table. In this episode, Tony discusses his shift from the corporate world to consulting, emphasizing the importance of doing what you love. He also shares his real estate journey, transitioning from residential to commercial investments, and the value of continuous learning and confronting fears.

Tony elaborates on the changes in corporate culture, the impact of technology like AI on business, and the critical role of focusing on people and process fundamentals for successful transformation. He recounts personal anecdotes, including his adventurous motorcycle tours and the invaluable lessons learned from his mentors and peers.

Guest Bio:

Tony Benedict is a business consultant specializing in post-acquisition integration and business transformation. With extensive experience in corporate settings and real estate investment, Tony now focuses on helping companies navigate digital transformation and strategic growth.


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